Hi, I'm Amos!

I am a Junior at the University of Michigan's School of Information. I have a passion for any and everything related to technology, but what interests me the most is how humans and technology interact! Because of this interest, I am planning on studying User Experience Design at the School of Information, so that I can help make those interactions even better!

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School of Information

North Quad

I plan on graduating from the University of Michigan's School of information in the spring of 2018 with my Bachelor of Science in Information, specializing in User Experience Design.

I love technology, especially studying how humans and technology interact, and the School of Information provides me with a perfect place to do that!

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Kappa Theta Pi


I am a member of Kappa Theta Pi, a professional technology fraternity on campus. We are a group of like minded people who love to geek out over technology

Kappa Theta Pi has provided me with both a group of friends who share my passion for technology and an opportunity to exercise and grow my technical and professional skills.

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What I've Done

Abe Cone's Personal Website

Abe Cone

My brother Abe is starting art school in the fall, and he wanted a personal portfolio website to showcase his work. I built this site from scratch using HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, and deployed it using Google App Engine.

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Kappa Theta Pi Website Rebuild


My professional fraternity, Kappa Theta Pi, is in the midst of rebuilding it's website from scratch. I worked with our Technical Development Committee to design and make the front end of the website. Although website isn't completed yet, you can check out our progress on our GitHub Page

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